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potluck | Jun 6, 2005 05:44 PM

I was at the greenmarket today and the fish vendor there had what she called blowfish. They are small - 3-4 inches in length and about 3/4" thick, kind of round body (not flat at least). She described them chicken of the sea - apparently they have a taste and texture of chicken.

She said these were not the same as poisonous puffer fish (or Fugu as it's called in Japan) & then told me about a customer who had called her, very worried that she was going to die from eating them. She assured the customer that these weren't poisonous and were fine to eat.

So, I bought a bunch and just now did a google search on blowfish. Everything I read says that blowfish=puffer fish=fugu=poisonous.
(however - last year some japanese scientists did start to breed non-poisonous blowfish by feeding them non-poisonous food, the belief being that they don't produce their own poison but get if from their food sources, but I digress).

I'm inclined to believe that what I have is not going to kill me if I eat it & I trust this fish vendor (besides, killing of your customers is just bad business). Anyway, now I'm wondering what it is that I bought.

Any ideas?

(I'm going to cook them up in just a bit. Hoepfully you'll hear from me, but if you don't....)

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