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Blind test of Hoppy Beers

Bobfrmia | Jan 12, 200809:41 AM

Going in, Alpha King was my favorite. My son preferred Two Hearted. The GF had no real favorite. The three of us did a blind tasting of the following.

Alpha King
Two Hearted
SN Celebration
SN Anniversary
Victory Hopdevil
Surly Furious

We rated the beers on a scale of 1 - 10, with fractions.
The overall highest average was a tie between Two Hearted, and Furious.
The highest individual scores went to Furious, with my son and I both rating it highest.
The order by average was..
Furious and Two Hearted
Alpha King
SN Anniversary
SN Celebration

I think the order they were served might have made a difference. You get serious hop overload after a bit. We were doing 5 oz samples.
I had Celebration first. I scored it 9.4, my second highest.
My son and GF had the Celebration next to last, they scored it 7 and 7.5.
They both admit to loving the Celebration otherwise.
We took breaks between samples, and had crackers and water, but it still does things to your taste buds. Not scientific, or probably even accurate within ourselves, but a lot of fun.
Try it, you'll see what I mean.

Just for fun, we each finished with a Double Dog. I didn't include it as it's a DIPA, but I thought it be interesting to see how it would come out.
GF 9.5
Son 6.5
Myself 8

It was just too much.

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