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Blaine's Low Carb Kitchen

Minger | Mar 23, 200809:38 PM

I saw this one for the first time this weekend on FitTV (while recuperating from the flu). Discussion of this show seems appropriate given the recent interest in the "Fat Pack." Watching Emeril or Mario or Contessa or Paula in the kitchen, often I think to myself, "you so do not need that pasta or sugar or frying you're adding to the recipe." While there may be no necessary connection between their recipes and their body weight, given the unclear influences of genetics, epigenetics, exercise, portions, eating frequency, etc etc,
TV is all about perception and association. Something always struck me as misaligned when watching these shows.

Then there's Blaine's Low Carb Kitchen. Blaine is earnestly trying to lose weight and you seen his kids shopping with him or helping in the kitchen. Blaine is less than polished and says goofy things, which I find endearing compared to the polish of the celebrity droids. The cooking is of course Atkins indulgence: lots of meat, fat, frying, no calorie counting, and only careful counting of the carbs. Frankly, IMHO, Atkins, or Atkins on this show, doesn't seem to emphasize enough fruits and veggies (phytochemicals) and does too much frying (high temperature metabolites) but at least it does credibly drop weight when adhered to, hence no cross messages here. (One can always watch more robo-Lyon for more of the healthy stuff.) Am I ever gonna make bacon wrapped meatloaf or fried chicken nuggets?? NO, but I don't mind watching him do it as part of a plan to improve his fitness, with no mixed messages.

Anybody else watch this?

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