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Is black fungus the same as trompettes?


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Is black fungus the same as trompettes?

drdawn | Jan 24, 2004 06:53 AM

They look to me the same dried. I LOVE my trompettes--when you open the jar they smell almost chocolatey, I can't see why morels are a big deal when there are trompettes in the world. But I spied a big bag of black fungus the other day in the Chinese store, and was wondering if I'd get the same bang (or perhaps different bang) for less buck.


PS--I tried the Vonderichten lava cake as per an eariler suggestion on this board (under 'mystery chocolate'). OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! I can honestly say I don't remember a time I had a better dessert. It is so rich, this chocoholic could have been satisfied with half a lava cake (recipe makes 4). THis in my book makes it a healthfood, as you can get the satisfaction and not be bothered about eating up all of it. I got the thanksgiving-like bloats afterward.

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