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BK Stuffed Steakhouse Burger


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BK Stuffed Steakhouse Burger

Jelly71 | Jan 24, 2011 01:46 PM

i just had this for lunch, and it is hands down, one of the best, if not the best, fast food burger i have ever had. truly, you could put this on a plate and serve it in a restaurant and no one would guess it was fast food.

the patty is stuffed with little chunks of cheese and jalapeno. and they did not skimp on it. the jalapeno was fresh, green, bright and had a nice heat.

the patty was much thicker than i expected. it was served on a bakery type bun that held together very well. it has lettuce and tomato. now, i know tomatoes are not going to be the same everywhere, but my slices were delightful. not at all mealy (a huge pet peeve of mine.) they put a creamy poblano sauce on, as well.

if i had one teeny tiny complaint, it would be that the patty was touch drier than i would have preferred. but you how these fast food places cook the life out of stuff. if i could have asked for it medium, it would have been perfection.

i hope they keep this around for awhile.

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