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Little Bistro - eh, not so much - SEMI LONG


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Little Bistro - eh, not so much - SEMI LONG

susan | Nov 2, 2005 12:31 AM

Went last night, had a really mediocre time. Having read the reviews on chowhound I was prepared for the fact that the menu does a pretty terrible job of describing a dish. However, how can I be prepared for Lobster Bisque served with tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, and - the horror - a huge dollop of salmon roe! I despise salmon roe. Unfortunately, it showed up again on my boyfriend's salmon dish. I always think it's strange when the same ingredient shows up over and over at a restaurant. Maybe they bought too much?

I ordered the monday night blue plate special, which was broiled lobster served with a guacamole cake and blue potatoes. The guacamole cake sounded a little strange but was actually great, with a crispy skin and creamy flavorful interior. Unfortunately my lobster was so undercooked that I felt uncomfortable eating it. My boyfriend tried to convince me that it was meant to be undercooked (a la the Japanese) but we both quickly realized that $16 lobster on a Monday is probably not the safest undercooked seafood.
We didn't order dessert (although we were both intrigued/confused by the $7 Hostess Cupcake on the dessert menu.)
I have to mention one more odd thing - the wine list included a "Pinot Gria" from Oregon. Having never heard of this varietal, I pointed to it on the menu and asked the server who said "Oh, the Pinot GRIA" and proceded to describe it. We ordered it and it turned out to be a Pinot Gris, not a Pinot "Gria". That was really strange.
The service was very good, too bad everything else was so weird.

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