Binder Clips: cheap, versatile kitchen tool


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Binder Clips: cheap, versatile kitchen tool

greygarious | Apr 18, 2008 12:46 PM

A box of large binder clips from the office supply store - the black metal with silvery arms kind - has multiple uses in the kitchen. Who can add to this list?
- closing bags of chips, veggies, etc.
- holding cookbooks open
- holding recipe cards to the stove hood
- holding parchment in place on baking sheets (safe to 375 degrees at least)
- clip to the top of a pot as a holder for the stirring spoon or so that the lid will remain ajar
to prevent boil-overs
- to roll up partially-empty tubes of tomato paste, decorating gel, etc - and in the bathroom
for toothpaste and other creams
Non-kitchen:- A clip on the scruff of a cat's neck mimics being carried by it's mom,
making them easier to handle for pilling, grooming, and nail-trimming
- Attaching chopsticks to outdoor bird feeders that need extra perch space

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