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Billy Hong's, 9 E B'way, Dipalo's, Kobe from Gramercy Meat Mkt


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Billy Hong's, 9 E B'way, Dipalo's, Kobe from Gramercy Meat Mkt

Mark M | Mar 21, 2005 10:24 AM

I was just scanning the Manhattan threads from last week and it seems like there are 10x more ?'s nowadays than dining notes. In an effort to inspire u hounds to post about all the chowdowns from this past weekend - here is a quick eating journal from my past weekend.

Fri Night
Billy Hong's for dinner: Old school American Chinese
on 56th betw 2nd and 3rd. Wonder how newcomer Xing compares to "The Hong"? Great home made $4 egg rolls, LOVE their wonton soup with slabs of fresh pork and home made wontons, tasty ribs and finally, a Shrimp in Lobster Sauce with big chunks of pork in the sauce...go figure. How much longer can this place stay frozen in time? What a treasure.

Saturday -

L'Asso on Mott and Kenmare for a quick slice before lunch. I requested fresh Parmesan but the woman manning the counter said she didn't have any. The slice wasn't heated well. It was doughy and soggy and the fresh Mozz was hard and dry. All this and NO grated Parm left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Too bad, Id heard a positive buzz about this place. Ill give it another try but only for a fresh pie and Im definitely not rushing back.

Lunch at the tiny Chinese Noodle shop located at #9 E B'way. Had a bowl of their stewed beef soup which was ok. Liked the fresh noodles, the fatty beef chunks and the .50 fried egg I added to the mix. The broth was undewhelming. Then again, for $5 it's hard to beat the value

Grabbed 2 large boxes of strawberries for $1.50 (total) and 6 lemons for $1 from the vegetable/fruit stands on E B'way.

Just off Bowery on the north side of Division St I picked up a tasty 1/4 Lb of roast pork for $3.50.
The Roast Duck for $2.75 a 1/4 Lb was a little fatty for my taste.

Walked upto Dipalo's (on Mott and Grand) and bought a bottle of $7 pure Olive Oil for cooking, 3/4 of a Lb of Prosciutto di Parm, 1/2 Lbs of winter (my fave) and summer Reggiano, a spectacular soft and stinky aged goat, a container of their fresh marinara and a box of 18 Ricotta filled round Raviolis - the raviolis are a treasure.


I went to Gramercy Meat Market and bought a slab of their Kobe Beef. Covered in garlic, butter, salt and pepper and fried in a pan - it's hard to put into words how good this is. That said, the 1" steak runs about $40 and Ive undoubtedly done irreversible artery damage.

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