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What's the big deal with Red Stag?

shadowfax | Feb 6, 201204:28 PM

Am I just unlucky? I hear a lot of good things about the place, but both times I've been there I've left unimpressed.

The first time was at RW last year. I remember the duck confit was excellent, but the scallops were terrible - overcooked and old - and the cake wasn't any better than the pre-made ones at Cub. I wrote that off, thinking maybe they were slammed, or their RW menu wasn't their normal menu. Turns out, the confit isn't on the normal menu, but the scallops are.

Last week we went for a second try. The cheese curds were really nice, but the New York strip was more like New York beef jerky (I literally could not get my knife through it), so they took it back and said they'd replace it with a tenderloin. This was much better on the tenderness side, but they emptied a salt mine on it before it got to the table.

Were I running a restaurant and served something that's obviously my fault (tough steak is easy to verify unlike "this just doesn't taste good") I'd at least take some money off of the bill or. . Something. . To make up for the awkwardness of one person having their food and the other not.

Instead, they charged me full price for the tenderloin, which I didn't want in the first place and only accepted because what I did want was leather, and which was more expensive than what I had ordered. I couldn't believe it. I actually got charged extra for a mistake.

Service was also lousy - no one refilled drinks until finally making a tepid offer to refill mine at the very end, while setting the bill down.

Some of their food has been pretty good, but at the prices they charge, ALL of it should be good, and if it's not, there should be some form of compensation. I don't see myself going back.

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