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Dax | Mar 16, 201508:17 AM     6


Located at the top of the hill on Green Springs (by Pizza Hut), this is a totally different restaurant since it was previously named Korean Barbecue or something like that. While the menu has expanded to include Chinese as well as the historical Korean fare, the focus appears to be more on Chinese, both Americanized and more in the stratosphere of Red Pearl and the new and improved Great Wall.

I stopped in for lunch last Friday and ordered the squid bibimbap which was a huge hot pot filled with plenty of squid, rice, vegetables, etc. plus an array of banchan for enhancing the dish. The food was good even if the squid was likely straight from the freezer. This is when I noticed they also have more traditional Chinese dishes including whole fried fish options, Xiao Long Bao, and ... they serve dim sum on weekends from 10:30 to 3:30. Hot damn!

So we returned on Sunday at 11:30 to try the dim sum offerings. A pic of the menu is attached but on Sunday they had a few more dishes written on the menu as well. They do have cart service, but only two carts, one with the steamed dishes and another with the buns, scallion pancakes, chicken wings, etc. (which were lukewarm at best). This was a drawback as while not crowded, we were apparently the last table to get the cart so it had been picked mostly clean multiple times. Perhaps it would be best if you don't speak Cantonese to order directly from the menu to tell the wait staff what you would like. Anyway, in order of preference, we had the following dishes:

1) braised sparerib with sauce. These actually seemed more fried than braised but they were our favorites. They seemed to be more like the cut of boneless spareribs as you may find on a typical Chinese menu but much better prepared. Ordered off of the dim sum menu.

2) XLBs - thick skin but good amount of soup and seemingly house made. The waitress Friday had stated as such. Ordered off the main menu.

3) thai style chicken (wings). These were excellent but only 3 to the order and only lukewarm by the time the cart came around.

4) a fried eggplant with bean sauce. If this had been hot out of the fryer, it would have been a tie for #2 but it was cold from the cart.

5) A vegetable bun/dumpling from the cart which was still hot and amazing. Our one year old loved this. Spinach and mushrooms.

6) Shanghai spring roll. Ehh.

7) coldish mushroom and something shu mai.

We must have had two more forgettable dishes plus drinks and our total came out to about $48 for 2 adults and a baby. Dim sum is best with a group so everyone tries lots of dishes and gets a bit or two then orders more of the favorites. Still, it's nice to have in town and we will be back.

Service was typical but there was definitely a language barrier asking about some of the items on the cart. Eventually, we just asked them to point them out on the menu if we did not recognize them.

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