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Beijing: Cooking Magazines? in English? American ones?


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Beijing: Cooking Magazines? in English? American ones?

Kris in Beijing | Feb 1, 2009 06:08 PM

Okay, I'll admit it. After living in Beijing for 5 years, my pantry is starting to look more and more like... Minnesota?

I'm not an "Expat Wife," nor am I even on an Expat Package; only a single mom of two. I started here at 25K U$ a year and now I'm only doing freelancing, certainly not by choice!
As my income has dwindled and as prices in BJ have increased, I've found that my daughters and I want to eat more and more comfort foods. American comfort foods.
I also want to read about good cooking and techniques-- thanks CH-- but I still crave something to leaf through.

For Christmas, a friend gave me a "cookbook voucher" for ¥200 [or $30ish for my fellow Americans reading along].
We have scoured the bookstores we know -- Foreign Language in WangFuJing, Chaterhouse ShunYi, 2 other places in ShunYi, Chaterhouse@The Place, GaRden Books, the bookstall place in GuoMao Mall at China World, the rack at the Friendship Store, the "¥20 Bookshop" at the WangJing BurnedDown Market...

and, I've found a few that I wanted, all of which were in the ¥800 range.

What I own here:
Sauces, Peterson
The Cook's Book
Cooking From Scratch
and a "pamphlet" style 64 page book of Indian cooking.
...I do a lot of Google-ing that starts "recipe: "

I'm from South Carolina, BTW, so I can already do great down-home cooking if I have the materials. My older daughter will be going to college in a year so I am slowly ramping up her cooking skills-- she shouldn't live off of Ramen and won't be able to afford a Rumi in Cali!

SO, is there a question in all of this?
One or twice I've seen-- and purchased-- the Aussie edition of Gourmet, which lead me to wonder.
Does anyone order and have magazines delivered to Beijing as a "private customer"?
Have any of the BJCHers successfully gotten a store to fulfill their advertised "subscription"

As a side note-- I've also been looking at the US Mailbox forwarding places. At the moment, I just can't swing $100-$300 down and $10-$50 a month to get 4 pounds of mail delivered to me here monthly, particularly since I have a relative who handles my scant mail already in The States so it would be only for magazines. Anybody do THAT?


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