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Wherein We Beg For A Way To Unsubscribe From Posts

Das Ubergeek | Dec 19, 201102:00 PM

We've all done it.

We've all responded to a discussion in the early stages of something—almost always on General Topics or Not About Food, but occasionally on Home Cooking or our local geographical boards—and been the first or second to make a point . . .

. . . only to see the thread explode and go in a direction it shouldn't have, at which point it lingers like diet-soda aftertaste near the top of our recent posts list.

Of particular concern are "Best [speciality from somewhere else]"—best New York-style pizza on the LA board, best Mission burrito on the Manhattan board, best barbecue on the Seattle board—and anything to do with tipping, food safety, or vegetarianism.

It is with the best of intentions that we posted that initial comment, back when the reply count was under 20; after 270 replies, 230 of which are the same argument going around and around again, it starts to fester.

Please, please, oh PLEASEfortheloveofLeff give us a way to unsubscribe from these things, to have them disappear from our recent-posts lists.

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