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Another beet-based challenge

Ruth Lafler | Mar 9, 2005 06:51 PM

Some of you are going to say "yuck" and I don't want to hear it:

A poster on the SF board reported on a meal where she was served, among other fabulous things, a beet-orange sorbet. To me, this fell into the category of foods I never imagined but once informed of, must try. We started to discuss exactly how one could make sorbet out of beets, but I realized this was a discussion that required to expertise of the whole community of cooks here.

I did a search and found out that quite a few people have been serving beet sorbet, although usually as a savory accompaniment rather than a sweet. But I didn't find any recipes that answered the basic technique question I had about raw (juice) vs. cooked (pureed) beets. My experience making sorbet with whole fresh cherries leads me to believe that pureed might be too pulpy/fibrous to freeze properly, but maybe I'm wrong.

I eagerly await your suggestions!

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