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Beer: weisse/weizen and lemons


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Beer: weisse/weizen and lemons

Joe Moryl | May 10, 2001 11:53 AM

Abbylovi wrote in the "Bartender" thread below:

"I also don't want lemons dropped in my weisse without asking."

to which I say amen! This brought up a question I have about German (and German style) beers as consumed in the US. Weisse means "white" in German and denotes a pale, sourish sort of beer that is associated with Berlin (and US versions like Celis White, Brooklyn, etc.). Weizen means "wheat" and denotes a style originating in Barvaria: usually amber, with spicy and fruity notes and sometimes "mit Hefe", or yeast. I have noticed a tendency for US bars to put or offer lemon with both these beers. Is this just confusion of the two similar German names? I thought the Berliners put lemon in the weisse, but did not think this was done to weizen.

BTW, the Weizens from the Ramstein brewery in Butler, NJ are very good.

Joe Moryl

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