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Mr beer question

jgg13 | May 13, 200807:51 AM

First, a disclaimer: I recognize and understand all of the knocks on Mr Beer kits and know that a standard answer involve things like "get real equipment" and "hard/impossible to make good beer with it". :)

With that out of the way - I'd been wanting to try my hand at homebrewing for a long while now but its always been impractical for a variety of reasons. A thoughtful family member got me a Mr Beer kit as a present on the notion that it would be more practical (it is).

Well, I'm pretty lazy, and that present was given to me about a year and a half ago ... I'm starting to feel a little less lazy and a whole lot worse that the present is just sitting around going to waste and was thinking about giving it a whirl (figure in the worst case I'll have a few hours of entertainment noodling around w/ the thing and come out with some form of liquid with alcoholic content in it).

On to my question ... I've read up on all sorts of Mr Beer related stuff, from their own instructions, to sites where people do hybrid type stuff using it plus other "real" equipment, etc etc etc. But what I haven't found out is whether or not the ingredients included in the kit are still "good", having sat around in my closet for a year and a half :) So beyond any normal issues that one might encounter using Mr Beer stuff, am I doomed from the getgo from using these ancient packaged ingredients, or do they keep well?

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