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Your "Go To" Beer?


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Your "Go To" Beer?

1stand3rd | Feb 23, 2009 09:52 AM

One of the biggest decisions I have to make is what kind of beer to drink when at a bar or restaurant. Living in NJ, my favorite brewers are Victory, Flying Fish and Dogfish, so i enjoy many of the brews offered by these wonderful brewers when I am at home.

It's rare that I see these on tap though (or available at all). Usually, a Sierra Nevada wil be on tap, and that's what I would order. (Thankfully, since this is one of my favorite beers!)

So, i am asking, what is your "go to" beer, when the pickings are slim outside of Coors-Coors Light-Miller-Miller Lite, Bud-Bud Light, Heineken, and Corona?

Also, do you find yourself bored with the typical beer offerings at many restaurants?

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