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Why did BBQ sauce eat my tupperware?


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Why did BBQ sauce eat my tupperware?

rworange | May 11, 2006 10:14 PM

So, I've been eating at a few BBQ places lately that have huge portions that can't possibly be consumed in one meal ... sometimes, great as it is, even the two of us can't finish it.

The first time this happened, there was some sauce on the lid and three minutes after I took it out of the microwave, the sauce ate a hole in the lid.

I thought it was an abberation of the unique sauce at a particular BBQ, but no, last night, different BBQ, different sauce, yet there was that big old hole in yet another cover.

I've never had this happen with any other meat/oil combo reheated in a microwave.

Also, is there anyway to salvage the bottom part that now seems permanently dyed red?

The first time I sprayed the bowl with PAM which was supposed to prevent dying the bowl. Don't believe that one. It was the specific reason I bought the PAM in the first place.

I've tried soaking, scrubbing, rubbing with Palmolive with bleach alternative ... nada. In fact on the first bowl, I still can't remove the smoke smell from Flint's sauce.

I'm afraid to use real bleach as the taste might always be there given the fact that I can't get rid of the BBQ smell and taste from one.

I know these are only two bowls, but I'm just wondering if in the future there is something I can do to keep red sauces from staining plastic or if there is some way to remove it once it is there.

And what WOULD eat through plastic like that in under three minutes?

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