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BBQ odor for Vegetarians

Handyman | Mar 3, 200802:39 PM

Got an odd thought that I would love Hounds to chime in on please.

First, the question.................

If you are a lifelong Vegetarian, does the smell of barbequed meat in the air such as a neighbor's yard or a restaurant cooking it's wares become a a pleasurable smell to you? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!

I have been a Vegetarian for two years, after being a big meat eater/heart surgery patient . Though I do not miss meat, and always wanted to be a Vegetarian, I have no overwhelming desire to eat it. That said, I catch that smell on the passing wind as I leave my gym after working out. It eminates from a restaurant, or a supermarket deli counter's exhaust hood roasting chickens in the strip mall, or someone's yard. And that always get me to thinking. If you grew up without that food odor connection, is that a good smell to you? Obviously I can't be objective. So I put it out there for you to express an opinion. I look foward to the discussion. Thanks all for participating.

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