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Battle Wounds

luciaannek | Jan 6, 201201:40 PM

I just had this crazy story to tell and I'm sure other people have similar stories to share about crazy/silly/scary things that happened to them while cooking.

So today I was cooking lentils in a flat rectangular metal pan over the stove. When I go to bring them to the table I pick up by the handles (which are the metal loop kind that hang down by hinges). I'm using thick oven mitts, but as I'm carrying the pan to the table (15 feet away or so) the handle feels hot. REALLY HOT. By the time I'm halfway to the table I'm worried that I'm burning myself, but my only other option was to drop the lentils, so I keep going.

As I turn my hand over and look at the palm of the mitt, a few wisps of smoke rise up. The pan had burnt almost all of the way through the oven mitt. I have no idea how hot it must have been to do that, or if something on the oven mitt might have started it (oil?), but it was a super strange experience. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

As a side note, my hand is mostly fine. It hurt a lot, and it's kind f red and sore, but it hasn't blistered.

Attached is a photo of the oven mitt. You can see right where the handle was.

Anyway, there's my story. Anything like this ever happen to you in the kitchen?

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