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Bat nuts roasting on an open fire (aka devil pod, bull's head, bull nut, buffalo nut, water caltrop, trapa natans, Ling Jiao)

rworange | Oct 7, 200608:04 PM

It must be the Halloween spirit getting to me. I bought a bag of these bat-like, scary, evil-looking nuts at the Berkeley Bowl..

That link says “roasted or boiled like true chestnuts ... They are delicious sauteed with rice and vegetables ... they contain toxins and should not be eaten raw. Seeds of some species are preserved in honey and sugar, candied, or ground into flour for making bread. In Italy Trapa natans is the main ingredient of a famous risotto.”

So have you tried them and what is your preferred method of eating them ... like anyone’s got a box of bat nut recipes ... there’s a cookbook waiting to happen. Didn’t turn up that risotto recipe.

I promise to report back on the taste, supposedly starchy like potatoes or peanuts. I read they need to be boiled for 25 minutes. I’m assuming that used in recipes like sauteed with veggies, they need to be boiled first.

I guess they roast these on street corners in Taiwan like chestnuts.

It’s true that each side has a ‘face’ on it and each is a different looking face. Actually they are starting to creep me out, so I want to cook them soon.

More about bat nuts:

Growing your own using the bat nuts from the market:

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