Basil Issues


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Basil Issues

Karl | Jun 4, 2014 05:27 AM

To preface this I'm in the Northeast and have always had great success with Basil growing in my garden. I planted two weeks ago two basil plants, they came in those biodegradable soil pots that say you should plant the whole thing in the ground. I did this and now the plants are wilting and not looking good. It isn't a bug or anything getting to them that I can see. The one thing I think it might be is the soil/biodegradable pot they came in not letting the water drain into the surrounding soil. The reason I think this is the rest of the garden will be dry and the area where the basil is within the pot is still very moist. Could the basil be over saturated with water? Has anyone had similar experience with those types of plants/pots. Do you remove from the soil pot or just plant it in the ground?

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