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Dax | Nov 1, 2005 08:20 PM

I've actually never been due before to a number of reasons, mostly involving their lack of beer. However, I really wanted a burger tonight and opted to err on the side of caution and avoid Tim's for a bit longer.

Ordered my standard bacon cheddar burger medium rare. I ordered the deluxe or supreme or something like that as I wanted a combo of the fries and rings.

First the burger. This was perhaps the best cooked burger I've had in Boston 6 months or more. Perfectly cooked medium rage with a hint of sponginess but mostly pink, somewhat bloody juiciness. Freaking delicious with plenty of bacon and cheddar. A nice fat content, but not too much. 7 ounches of goodness.

Then the fries. I liked them, fairly thin, nothing too special but good enough. As they are so "famous" I had somehow expected them to be fresh, hand-cut fries, but I sat at the counter and watched a box of frozen fries go by so ...

The rings. Ehh. Very thin and about 3 lbs of them on the plate but I'm more about quality. They were ok but not as good as those at Sullys'.

The final verdict? I like the burger but the rest wasn't the best. Fine and even good (albeit a bit high at around $12 and change including a soft drink) if you're in Harvard. If you have to drive/park there or you want a frosty beverage with your hunk of ground beef, I'd rather head elsewhere like to R. F. O'Sullivan and Sons (aka Sullys) or Tim's, which had previously prepared by favorite burger prior to it's shutdown, coincidentally, a bit over 6 months ago.

Right now Sully's is my go to burger place, even with their inconsistent ability to cook precisely to order (ie, the burgers are so vertical that a medium rare is often way too rare in the middle). A great 8 ounce burger, fairly good hand cut fries when they're not clumped together, and great home-made rings.

And then here's hoping that Tim's regains its former glory.

mmmmmmm ... burgers

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