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Barth's Market

hotdoglover | May 3, 201205:25 AM

I went to Barth's Market in New Providence for the first time Tuesday on the way to Goodman's deli. Barth's is another old time pork store/butcher shop that we are fortunate to have in our area as they are a dying breed. You are virtually guaranteed that you will get quality franks at any of these stores as they use quality ingredients and old world recipes.

I bought a few of their franks which are 50% beef, 50% pork. Natural casing and I would guess about 5 to a pound. I had one along with a frank from the Union Pork Store. Union Pork Store's franks are 6/1. Barth's are bigger. I heated one of each in water and then put them in my cast iron skillet. Barth's are a little darker in color while Union Pork's are reddish/pink. They are identical in flavor. The recipes for each have to be similar if not the exact same.

My favorite franks in this style are Thumann's and those you get at a place like Barth's. Namely Barth's, Union Pork Store, and Kocher's. Differences in flavor are very slight, and as I said I can't taste any difference between the 2 I sampled yesterday. One of the guys at Barth's worked at Gaiser's in Union before it was sold to the current owners. These guys seem to know others in the business and they all produce similar excellent franks. Better ingredients and fresh as can be. Consume before they go bad as there are no preservatives

Go to whichever store is closest to you. Or try them all. You can't go wrong. And in my opinion these hot dogs are too good to disguise their great flavor with all the crap that many hot dog joints pile on. Especially those establishments owned by chefs who take a quality frank and ruin it with foie gras, raspberry wasabi sauce, guacamole, sour cream, cream cheese, and on and on. It's overkill. Might as well use a cheap Bar S or Ballpark frank because a quality one like Barth's would be wasted. When you see the term "haute dog" this is pretty much what you can expect.

The website for Barth's is http://www.barthsmarket.com/2011/home...

I hope to get to Stefan's in Clifton this week. Another European market that I haven't been to but has been highly recommended on several other sites.

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