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Bare cast iron vs enameled cast iron - which is better?

cmm3 | Oct 1, 201102:26 PM

I'm trying to add to my collection of good cookware and bakeware products. Currently, I have an enameled 6 qt Le Creuset dutch over and a bare cast iron griddle. I want to add to my collection. From my previous posts, I have learned that for making sauce, I should use something like All-Clad and not cast iron (enameled or bare)? But what are the differences between bare cast iron and enameled cast iron? Is enameled best for cooking at low temperatures? So that includes any type of meats with a sauce (which is why I bought my french oven)? Anything else?

What about frying pans? Is it best to go with bare cast iron here?

What about bakewear? Is LC enameled cast iron best here?

Is buying an LC enamel-on-steel stockpot a bad idea? Is All-Clad better in this case?

When using enameled cast iron or bare cast iron, what type of cooking utensils should you use to protect the cookware?

Finally, are there any oven mitts that you recommend over others? Or just get any that protect you up to 500F?

Thank you!

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