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Bananas - favorite uses besides keeping monkeys happy and shining shoes


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Bananas - favorite uses besides keeping monkeys happy and shining shoes

rworange | Oct 25, 2006 07:07 PM

I have a dear, dear ... dear ... friend ... who just doesn't get my repeated pleas to not foward those god-awful cute emails about interesting topics ... but the one on bananas was interesting and makes me think I should eat more bananas.

So what are some different ideas for using bananas besides the tried and true ... pie, bread, peanut butter & banana sandwiches, over oatmeal, au natural, smoothies ... daiquiris.

Do you have a different banana combo or even a unique spin on one of the above?

The email says to share this with everyone in the world so I'll put it in a separate post. If it is inappropriate or possibly violates copyright stuff, it can easily be deleted.

To sum up bananas are good for a pre-workout energy boost, depresion, pms, anemia, improved blood pressure, hangovers (going to have to test that out on the banana daiquiris), constipation, diarrea, heartburn, obesity, nervousness, ulcers, body temperature control, SAD, aiding smoking withdrawal and stress.

Put the skin on a wart to remove it or rub it on a mosquito bite to reduce itching and swelling. The peel supposedly does a great job cleaning shoes.

So what different uses do you have for this miracle fruit?

I like it sliced in the miracle elixer produced by Da Iry (California milk commercial).

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