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Not a banana?


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Not a banana?

Boccone Dolce | Jul 12, 2008 11:36 AM

2 weeks ago at Costco I grabbed bananas. These guys eat them like jelly beans, so I got 2 of the 4 lb. bundles of wrapped and very green hands bananas. At 4lbs for $1.69 I almost felt guilty! Anyway- unwrapped one package and they yellowed up in about 3 days. The yellow guys are long gone and I've bought more bananas at least 2 more times waiting for these others. It's become a joke- are they yellow yet? No! Here it is 2 weeks later and the other one is still just as green. I put them in a brown paper bag and left them on my counter- NADA. Still green. It's gotten dark and hard at the top where they are all joined, but zero mold. I suspect these are not what I thought. I think I am the proud owner of plantains, which I love but have never done from their raw state.

Q. If not plantains, what the heck went wrong with these bananas?
Q. For $1.69 why can't I just throw them out like a sane person would?
Q. How can I tell? They smell like the earth- nothing remotely helpful there.

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