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Did Bambi Ruin it Forever in America? [moved from Home Cooking]

Dansky | Feb 7, 201202:34 PM

I am always looking to expand my eating/cooking experiences. I frequently try to cook something beyond the "norm," -- the standard fare of chicken, pork, and fish so common in our grocery stores over here. I notice that many fellow Americans shy away from eating foods like rabbit, lamb, and venison, etc. Why? Isn't variety the spice of life?

Consider the animated film, "Bambi."
Like many youngsters, I watched the movie and was slightly horrified when a hunter shot Bambi's mother cold stone dead during a crucial scene; leaving the young deer a frightened orphan in the deep, dark woods. His only friend was an equally-cute young rabbit. I don't recall any cute young lambs in the film, but perhaps Disney should have thrown in a couple for good measure.

Young, soft, baby deer, rabbits, or lambs have immense cuddle-appeal...no doubt about it. An unblinking, cold, gasping fish doesn't have nearly the same effect upon most of us. I can't picture myself snuggling up to a grown pig, cow, or chicken for that matter. No offense to those that do.

Is it simply possible that many Americans cannot abide eating animals that are deemed "cute?" Is this a cultural phenomenon fueled by our exposure to movies that idealize the love of animals?

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