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Baking Jim Lahey's bread on a camping trip


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Baking Jim Lahey's bread on a camping trip

breadfanatic | Feb 10, 2007 09:45 PM

Jim Lahey's bread recipe is great! It gave me the idea that you could bake this bread outdoors in a camp dutch oven (the kind with feet on the bottom and a lid with a lip. Because you don't have to knead this bread, there's little mess to deal with--a big deal while camping.
Here's the formula I used:
9 briquets on the bottom, 14-16 briquets on the lid.
Some tips: Place the briquets along the rim of the lid in a circle; I found that if I put briquets on the center of the lid, the bread could burn on top.
Use a good quality brand of briquets like Kingsford; don't use the matchstick kind--they burn too quickly!
Use a chimney to light the briquets; it's easier and safer.
Protect the dutch oven from wind; the wind can make the briquets burn down too fast.
If the outside temp is very cold, use 16 briquets on the lid, use less if the temp is higher.

The bread bakes in about 45 - 60 min. The crust isn't as crusty as when you bake this in an oven, but you will still impress your fellow campers!

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