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Not baking hamburger & hot dog buns in summer heat?


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Not baking hamburger & hot dog buns in summer heat?

Browniebaker | Jun 17, 2003 10:04 AM

When the weather turns hot, do those of you who usually bake your own hamburger or hot dog buns continue to do so and brave a hot kitchen, or do you just buy them from a store until the coolness of autumn makes it comfortable to bake again? I guess this question applies to *all* bread-baking in the hot months.

There's the consideration of taste. I love the taste of my fresh-baked hambruger and hot dog buns. The best alternative is Trader Joe's whole-wheat hamburger and hot dog buns, which are pretty good. But store-bought is second-best IMHO.

There's also the consideration of cost. Usually, it costs me relatively little to bake my own buns, as compared with $1.69 for eight buns at Trader Joe's. In the winter, baking has the beneficial side-effect of heating the house, but in the summer baking arguably adds to my cooling costs by requiring my central air-conditioning to work more to offset the heat produced by baking. I haven't sat down and calculated this all out to the last penny, and I don't think I could.

There's also the consideration of the enjoyment I get from baking. I looooove to bake bread. I don't like to have to buy bread because I can bake bread that tastes so much better.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Is fresh-baked bread from your own oven something you can't live without in the summer? What is your internal calculus that determines whether you bake or buy in the hot summer months? I can't resolve this in my mind, and I would love to hear your opinions.

Much thanks for your help.

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