best baking dishes?

poochiechow | Jun 30, 201408:03 AM     19

hi all - i'm in the lovely position of setting up a wedding registry, and am looking for 8x8 and 9x13 dishes that will work for everything from brownies/cobblers to lasagnas and other various casseroles. however, i've had crappy stuff for so long that i'm a little lost in figuring out what i want/what the best tool is for the job.

i'm looking at these and wondering why the staub and LC are so much cheaper than the EH:



any insights on these after having used them? are these things that get good rotation in your kitchens?

another Q - would you suggest a lidded one or non-lidded? i've never had a baker with a lid, and actually can't think of anything other than lasagne that i really cover with foil in the oven...

also, can i expect this type of dish to do baked desserts also, or is something thinner (like a 9x13 bakeware item) going to work better?

thanks in advance!

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