Baking 101 - What do I need?


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Baking 101 - What do I need?

CookEatSleep | Jun 26, 2013 10:24 PM

While I love to cook, I've always stated that I hate baking. I hate measuring, not being able to eyeball, I hate following recipes, heck I don't even like sweets!

But I now have a 2-year old who loves cookies, cakes, etc. and want to make my own to at least give her 'healthier' treats. So I caved and got a KitchenAid artisan... I must admit that it makes baking somewhat enjoyable and has yielded better results than my previous attempts.

So what essential baking gear do I need? I have some dollar store measuring spoons and cups, hand-me-down cookie trays, a muffin tin, a bread/cake pan, a silicone spatula, mixing bowls. What else do I need? I'm thinking of getting a digital scale, maybe a rolling pin. Any other essentials? Do the quality and material of the trays and pans matter?

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