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Best bakery for (non-chocolate) Birthday Cakes in LA?


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Best bakery for (non-chocolate) Birthday Cakes in LA?

10dascbec | Nov 16, 2005 01:19 AM

Hi - I'm new to LA. I'm buying a birthday cake for a family member's 90th birthday! Since it's such a big milestone, I'd like a very nice cake. I'm having a hard time finding a good bakery in LA. The cake can't be chocolate since he can't eat that. So I was thinking a white cake with bavarian creme filling or maybe a fruit filling.

I live on the westside but I can travel anywhere. And I'm not too concerned about price since it's such a special occasion. But I am concerned about taste - so far all the cakes I've tasted in LA are either too dry, too thick or bad frosting.

And I've read some reviews online and nothing is consistant. I've heard Susina's is good but when I went there, they didn't even have any cakes for me to view and their book of cakes was all different pictures of the same strawberry cake and tortes. I also heard Sweet Lady Jane has beautiful looking cakes, but then I heard maybe not as tasty. I've heard mixed reviews about Hansen's. So the bottom line is I have no idea where to buy the cake! I have a Gelson's near me and they make pretty cakes and I'm almost wondering if I should just buy it there.

Anyone know of a good quality cakes that would taste good but also look beautiful?

Thanks in advance...

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