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What to do about bad hosts?


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What to do about bad hosts?

QueenPeach | Jun 2, 2008 02:00 PM

She invited us to a backyard BBQ and asked all guests to tell her in advance how many burgers/hotdogs they will eat and asked all guests bring some alcoholic beverage. Then sends a list of side dishes that you can sign up for to make sure no guests bring duplicates. The party ended early due to the wife not allowing "too many" guests in the house after the night chill made everyone freeze outside.

Just a few weeks ago, she emails an invite because her husband is throwing her a Welcome Home party for her return from a 3 month business trip. They'll provide the meat and guests can each bring a dish to share. All but one person declined the invite and there was no party.

As a host, I supply generous portions, variety, and enough for seconds. We're not poor college students anymore but it still feels like I'm going to a frat party. I'm sure some people think these invites/food requests are fine, but I'm really turned off to going to any more of her "parties" and know for certain she will be offended if we continue to turn her down.

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