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The "Bad Food" Joust!

Caroline1 | Mar 27, 201205:26 PM

Okay, mamachef threw down the gauntlet over bad food in another thread, and that popped this idea into my fuzzy little head...

What is the worst thought-out food you've ever had, either that you made yourself or that you had in a restaurant or that a friend has made for you...???

I'll kick things off with TWO...!

#1 When my kids were junior high-ish, we would go to Swenson's Ice Cream Parlor in El Paso. Swenson's was originally a California single ice cream parlor that grew to be a chain and even reached Texas! We began going there years before when we still lived in California and the kids were just starting school because they have a GIANT sundae called an "Earthquake" that has eight different flavors of ice cream and eight different flavors of toppings, and when my two kids got good grades, they were allowed to invite one friend each and each kid got to choose two flavors of ice cream and two toppings. You also have to know that each Swenson's shop makes their own ice cream on the premises and is allowed to create original flavors if they like. Well, this one year they were offering Dill Pickle Ice Cream as a tribute to expectant mothers! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! They did give out a few sample spoonfuls, but when I asked some time later, the SCOOP that one of my passel of four kids ordered in the Earthquake was the ONLY scoop they sold out of the entire five gallons of dill pickle flavored ice cream that they made! It tasted TERRIBLE! Maybe because they used real dill pickle juice from their kitchen to make it?

#2 Many years ago a recently divorced male friend invited us to his new condo for dinner. It was back when we lived off the earth, mostly for free, eating abalone four times a week from the friend's and my husband's scuba dives. So he invited us for dinner and picked up a crock pot and a bunch of "interesting sounding ingredients" and started them cooking that morning before he went to work. It was sort of a stew that might have been good if only he had not added large whole un-trimmed entire stalk ASPARAGUS! The damned asparagus turned to rope and overwhelmed the flavors of everything else in the dish and was totally unchewable. It was sort of like eating a bowl of ramen that was made out of wool ramen. Somehow my husband and I managed to eat most of it, but it was difficult, and we smiled and thanked him. I didn't want to discourage him over his very first ever cooking effort! That, plus it was his sailboat they scuba dove from! Don't bite the hand that feeds you! But remember.... Do NOT use WHOLE stalks of asparagus in a crock pot recipe! EVER!!!

So what's your worst Bad Food Tale? Come on. You can tell me. I won't tell anybody else! '-)

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