Bad experience at Estihana (Manhattan)


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Bad experience at Estihana (Manhattan)

EllieS | Nov 22, 2012 04:41 PM

Went out to Estihana on the Upper West Side last night after going to see the Macy's balloons. It was one of the only times in memory that we actually wanted to leave a place without any tip whatsoever. Why? We made a 7:30 reservation for 5 people. Showed up at 7:20 and there was a line out the door, it literally took 10 minutes to just get in and let them know we had a reservation. Then it took them over a half hour to find us a table, even though they had our reservation written down. They were seating walk-ins before people with reservations. If that is the case I have no idea why they would bother having reservations to begin with. After we were finally seated they only gave us 3 menus and then we could not get the waiters attention for another 20 minutes. Since we had come in knowing what we wanted (we mostly went for the crispy beef) we thought it would be pretty simple to order and get food right? After placing our orders for apps and mains we waited over an hour until any food arrived. Again, no waiters around to tell us what the hold up was or offer any explanations. Finally got the appetizers and then had to wait another 1/2 hour for the mains. By this time we had been in the restaurant so long that we didn't even feel like eating them. Only ate about half then wanted the rest wrapped up. Again, no waiters to help or to ask for the check. Finally got someone to give us the check and they decided we had to speak to a manager about splitting it (even though while waiting for a table we saw them splitting checks amongst various credit cards with no problem.) Finally got out of there after being there for over 3 hours. Another in my party told the manager as we were paying how dissatisfied we were. He could not have cared less. And to make it even worse the food was only OK, even the crispy beef we originally went for was only so-so. Will not be going back.

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