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AYCE Food rule enforcement?


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AYCE Food rule enforcement?

Sharuf | Jan 19, 2009 02:59 AM

Buddy and I are regulars at our local IHOP. He ordered his breakfast with the special all you can eat pancakes deal. After finishing the first round, the waitress asked him if he wanted more pancakes and he said yes. She brought three more. That was one more than he could eat, so he gave it to me. Just as I was finishing it, the waitress came by and scolded us for sharing, which is not allowed for AYCE specials.

We were not trying the game the system, which seemed to be what she implied. We just didn't want to see the food go to waste. Anyway, this laid a bad vibe on the scene. One of the reasons we frequent this place is because of the friendly, welcoming atmosphere, which has now been besmirched.

Am I wrong to feel slighted?

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