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Awkward Dining with Friends

velochic | Sep 10, 201112:25 PM

I wasn't even sure how to word the title as this is about an atypical tipping situation, actually.

We live in a town near a metropolitan area. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour 30 minutes to get to good restaurants. We are not a culinary hub to say the least.

Just today, an Indian restaurant opened in town. You can't imagine how excited dh and I were about that. We love Indian food and usually drive the hour to our favorite spot about once a month.

Knowing that there is probably not a huge Indian food fan-base here, they smartly offered a FREE lunch buffet.

Our good friends alerted us to the fact that this place had the free buffet and even though we had eaten lunch about 2 hours earlier, dh, dd(9), and I met them there to get an idea of what they had to offer. I had about a tablespoon of many of their dishes to just taste them. Dh had a bit more, and dd, by far ate the most of all of us, eating a kid's portion of lamb korma, a dab of tikka masala, a couple of pieces of pakora and some dessert.

Our friends had not had lunch and ate 2 or 3 FULL plates of food, not including dessert, of which they each had large portions. I would not normally have paid attention, except that they kept going on about how good it was and making a point of going back for more.

After the meal, they were getting up to leave and as we were gathering our things, I was astounded that they were just going to leave. I felt that a tip was still due. I didn't say anything and dh and I quietly put together the small bills we had to leave a tip. We left a little more than we normally would leave for a $7.95pp buffet where they're just filling water and removing plates. We had $8 in small bills and so that's what we left . Heck, it was free, even if we barely ate anything. I felt we needed to give something.

So, the husband, seeing me leave a tip says, "Oh, yeah... here, I'll make it an even 10" and laid another $2 on top of ours.

I'm sorry, but that just irked me. First of all, because it made it look like we all left $10 for the whole table and also because they ate SO much food.

Am I out of line here for thinking that this was poor taste? Obviously, I didn't say anything, but it kind of makes me raise my eyebrows to myself.

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