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AWFUL and RUDE service at RNM

rk | Jun 7, 200302:11 PM     31

I love the food and atmosphere at RNM, but last night I was there with a big group and we were treated VERY rudely. We were 5 women and we ordered 2-3 rounds of drinks each, shared 6 entrees and 2 desserts. About an hour into our meal, the hostess came up to us and told us that she would need the table back at 8 (it was 7 then). A few minutes later she came up and asked if she could switch one of our tables (we were at 2 tables pushed together). We cleared all of our own stuff off the table and allowed them to make the switch. They offered no apology for the inconvenience or thanks for our cooperation.

One of my tablemates ordered a 2nd glass of wine and the waitress dumped the remains of the first into the second!

At 8:30, the hostess came up and said, "Just wanted to let you know that the party that needs your table is here and they've been waiting a long time." At this point we had just finished dessert and were minutes away from paying and leaving.

I worked in restaurants for years and years and I have never experienced anything like this. When I waited tables, I would have been so angry if a hostess or someone else had made my customers feel unwelcome. I thought that a good restaurant was supposed to run seamlessly, so that customers were not aware of the operations going on in the background.

I spoke with the waitress and just let her know that while I would not penalize her tipwise for the hostess' rudeness, I felt pretty sure that most people would.

Has anyone else had similarly rude service at RNM?

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