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Awful Holiday Food Slam Book

sasserwazr | Nov 18, 200901:56 PM

As the holidays approach I'm thinking about the chowhounds who won't be commanding the kitchen when those feasts arise.
For most of my life I have gone to Wayne and Debbie's beautiful home to watch football and eat Thanksgiving dinner. A whole day affair, I truly enjoy it as one of the top days of my year. Unlike some people, I like every single person sitting at those tables. I also think Debbie makes great stuffing. Other than that dish, I don't remember truly enjoying much else. Most dishes do have positive aspects. Debbie never overcooks her vegetables. At this moment, I truly cannot recall what-else will be served even though it has been the same dishes nearly each year.

Of course it's not fair to call foul on dry turkey (I myself have only genuinely enjoyed roast turkey on five separate occasions), however her turkey ranks low on the experiences. As we're called to dinner from the TV room, I always pass by to look at the food in the kitchen on the way into the dining room. And every year, whether it be Rosh Hashana or Thanksgiving, I will see slices of white meat drowning in the juices that have inexplicably escaped from the bird . I curse the turkey inside my head, wondering what had been done to release what should be retained. I now know that cooking the turkey days ahead may have something to do with it. As far as turkey's concerned, the only time I've enjoyed it at W&D's was when it somehow tasted like ham (a Rosh Hashana miracle).

Debbie, if you read this somehow and you're feeling hurt, please come see me about brining.

So Chowhounds, please use this board to trash talk your loved ones' efforts in the kitchen. Are there dishes that you know you will have to face each time a holiday falls upon us? Have you ever tried to suggest a change in the recipe of a hallowed dish? Any advice on confronting the cook? Do you talk about how bad someone's cooking is before and after the feast?

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