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Awesome Thing to do with Butter...


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Awesome Thing to do with Butter...

torta basilica | Jul 13, 2004 11:47 AM

We just got off our 3rd Silversea cruise (sigh!) & they all have these new small restaurants called La Salletta - max. 24 guests, which is 100% better than sitting in a main dining room. Food all designed & chefs trained by head chef from Girasol, a 2 star in N. Spain. Incredible amuse bouchee's (roquefort/cauliflower mousse that's in the shape & firmness of a truffle with creamy inside - just wonderful!) All 7 course tasting menus with the only choice of fish or meat main. Included in fare, but you need to purchase one of their premium wines (fairly good standard wines alreadyincluded in fare). Great prices - we had a $40 Puligny-Montrachet twice; a $100 Gaja Chard (yumm!) - ended up eating there 5 times out of a 10 night cruise & we had 2 dinners off the ship in port.

Anyway...back to the butter - Please excuse me if you've experienced this before, but... they took sweet butter & 'flaked' Fleur de Sel into it, folded it in & rechilled. The salt did not dissolve into the butter & remained teeny crunchy taste delights when spread on fresh bread. Can not describe how delicious & what a surprise this was. Kindof like good grana parmesan crystals, but in creamy butter. I have now done at home, using Irish sweet butter, softening slightly, turning my salt grinder setting to coarse & folding a good amount in (a little more than I thought I'd want - taste before adding more), then re-chilling. Works best on room temp bread so butter does not melt. Regular sea salt out of the bag crystals are too big & the butter turns out way too salty & crunchy.

Fun to try, then watch your dinner guests faces as they try to figure out what is different & so delicious! Make lots...

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