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In awe of posters

eman | Aug 7, 2001 06:44 PM

This post was prompted after reading the earlier Heineken thread. The original poster seemed to be in awe of the level of expertise exhibited by so many chowhounds. The poster felt that he was hobnobbing mostly with food professsionals on this site and was somewhat hesitant to express a contrary opinion.
My feelings have been rather to the contrary. I have been an organic farmer and chef for 25 years and am constantly amazed at the breadth of the opinion spectrum I find on this site. On subjects that I am particularly knowledgeable on I am sometimes flabbergasted to read the disparate kinds of contrary opinions that are being passed of as factual information.I enjoy reading peoples opinions but they must be taken with a grain of salt. If someone likes Heineken does it really matter what any one else thinks. I live in a very rural area and so enjoy being a member of the chowhound community. The variety of opinions expressed here is lots of fun.I hope no one out there is too intimidated to join in a discussion for fear of being in over their head. Any one's opinion is as valid as any one else's. Just be aware that opinions do not always equate with facts. I hope I have not offended anyone.

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