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my autumnal sandwich, which happens to be vegetarian


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my autumnal sandwich, which happens to be vegetarian

pitu | Nov 10, 2005 06:00 PM

It might even be vegan. I am neither.
It just got cold where I live, and we've been eating with delight a grand sandwich called a Tempeh Reuben.

A light but chewy roll ('tuscan roll' by the bakery that makes it - rye toast is nice too) toasted and slathered with mustard. (I prefer Koscochiko...the spelling is wrong, but a nice Polish mustard)

Tempeh sliced about 1/4" thin and fried to golden in peanut oil. A minute after you flip it to get the second side going, put enough sauerkraut for your sandwich into the frying pan and put on a lid so it steams. Pile all this on to the roll with mustard.
Divine sandwich.

Great if you love kraut, but maybe don't *need* to eat pork products.

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