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Authenticity vs. Taste


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Authenticity vs. Taste

MEalcentric | Apr 21, 2006 09:56 PM

A recent thread in the LA board got me thinking. Seems like a lot of hounds on these boards will slam a place b/c its not authentic. You know, your local chinese take out place that serves americanized food (a la mu shu pork) or the corner stores gringo burritos. But they slam the place regardless of how the food tastes. Isnt food just supposed to taste good? Or we so "refined" that we cannot appreciate food for taste alone,so we have to critisize the chefs take on what is really mexican or asian or middle eastern?

So I ask you, do you still frequent and, more importantly, defend places that sell "ethnic" food that isnt authentic? Personally, Baja Fresh and La Salsa hit the spot for me sometimes, and I jones for greasy fast food "chinese" every once in a while. Wok Man chicken is a local chinese fast food in ORange County that hits the spot when you are craving a 10,000 calorie meal. I have no shame.

What do the hounds think?

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