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Authentic ethnic food, your opinion for my research paper?


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Authentic ethnic food, your opinion for my research paper?

PotatoPuff | Mar 27, 2007 06:12 PM

I am writing a paper for my writing professor on the homogenization of ethnic cuisine in the United States, with a particular focus on Italian food. I am exploring if this homogenization is creating subsets of ethnic cuisine (ex: Italian-American food) or a new, blended American cuisine. ****Also, info on other cusines (particularly Mexican or Chinese as they are widely available throughout the country) would be greatly appreciated.****Can anyone give me their opinion on the following:

-What foods try to pass off as Italian but are really fake? (ex: Chef Boyarde, overly cheesy pizza, etc.)

-What authentic Italian foods do you think are not represented in restaurants in America? (ex: pizza with potatoes on top)

-Are there any regions of Italy whose food you feel is particularly underrepresented in America?

-Are there any ethnic eating customs that you think are being warped by American culture?

I would like to explore more how this trend affects the majority of America, not only trendy Manhattan restaurants.

Thanks everyone!!!

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