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Austin's Smokehouse in Hobe Sound

freakerdude | Mar 22, 200804:30 PM

I consider myself a Q fanatic and haven't found anything worth calling real BBQ in the area. Out of the five places I have been, none of them use real wood smoke flavoring in their process. These other so called BBQ restos serve grilled meat and nothing more. Even the slightest hint of smoke flavoring is not to be found anywhere.

Enter Austin's in Hobe Sound. This guy knows what BBQ is all about. He actually uses wood to smoke his meats and not just as a gimmick. It is Texas style BBQ and is the only worthy place I have found.

All of the meats I have tried are excellent. He has two styles of St. Louis cut ribs, Memphis style with a dry rub and sweet style with a mango BBQ sauce. Dry rubs are non-existent around here and Austin's does this right. You don't need BBQ sauce on ribs that have a good dry rub on them. If you've never tried a dry rub smoked rib before, you need to give it a try. His smoked brisket is also spicy with a rub and cooked perfectly. Pulled pork is excellent and he uses about 8 to 10 different spices in the rubs he uses. If your meat has a pink ring around it, don't send it back because that is the true signature of properly smoked meat.

Sauces are varied and the best I have had in the area. I'm tired of the two sauce plain jane offerings and Austin's has some kicked up spicy sauces. There's a sweet, a smokey, and a spicy sauce that all have character. And, he even offers up a Carolina vinegar based sauce that you can't find anywhere else.

All of the sides I have tried are by far better than any other so called Q joint. Cowboy beans are sweet and campfire beans are spicy. These are homemade beans and not your average canned beans you get elsewhere. Macaroni salad and cole slaw are better than your average fare.

They also have options like smoked chicken and turkey, along with a burger, a burrito, and other standard options. Smoked fish dip and queso con carne for apps., along with other offerings. But it's the smoked BBQ that reigns supreme here. This is a very small place that has about 8 tables and a bar. Don't expect anything more than a typical BBQ shack and you will be happy. I will never eat at Park Ave. again.

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