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Au Pied de Cochon - The Book ... Bourdain writes the intro


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Au Pied de Cochon - The Book ... Bourdain writes the intro

iharrison | Oct 24, 2006 10:44 PM

The chef Anthony Bourdain first wrote about for Gourmet two years ago, the man who stole the Montreal Gourmet issue and the Quebec episode of No Reservations, now has a book.

A book that is unlike any other recipe, food or chef book that I have ever seen.

The English version includes an introduction by Bourdain himself.

"What Martin does at Au Pied de Cochon is right in my emotional comfort zone. It speaks right to my heart--as a cook and as an eater. It's the kind of nonsense and frippery-free food that resonates with other chefs--who inevitably "get" what he's all about: The Good Stuff prepared skillfully and without pretention, and a shared philosophy of "too much of a good thing is seldom enough". I also admire that Martin has turned his back on the traditional fine dining environment in pursuit of what's important--and ONLY what's important. He makes food fun again.

I wrote an intro for Martin because I consider him a soul brother, a like-minded comrade--and one of the good guys. Along with Fergus Henderson, Chris Cosentino and Mario Batali, he's one of the Good Guys--a force for good in the world of gastronomy who should be supported and encouraged at every opportunity in the interests of a better world and a brighter future and as an example for young chefs and cooks."

The book will soon be available on the Au Pied de Cochon website and hopefully, in bookstores outside of Quebec in the near future.

Check out the Au Pied de Cochon site here:

Scroll down and click on The Album link.

This book is a MUST-see!

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