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i just ate a whole pint of blueberries in 5 minutes flat.


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i just ate a whole pint of blueberries in 5 minutes flat.

Jupiter | Jul 9, 2002 07:08 PM

I miss New England. I live in California where the produce is amaing and the the produce is amazing and should i say it again? yes, the produce is amazing. However there are certain times of year, summer in particular when i just miss new england to much for words and try to quell the food frenzy longing and sadness with certain substitues.
I just ate a full pint of blueberreis from the safeway and they are just not cutting it for the local wild picked Maine blueberry of my childhood.
No fish and chip shop in the world can squelch the craving for some fresh steamers or fried clams with a sea breeze cocktail. Thank god for the Asian community and there love of Maine Lobster or I would never ever ever be able to recreate half of a clambake on the west coast. (which is confusing to me since the movie "clambake" took place on the west coast, right?)
So listen my chowhound brother and sisters:
Revel in the elusivenss of specific summer treats, that is what makes them so special and tasty. Scarf down the Jersey tomato and corn while you still can, and make sure that you get your chesapeake crab boils in as often as possible. Enjoy those trips to the North Shore for fried clams and cherry stones and a good steamed lobster! Eat Blueberries off the bush till you feel ike you will burst and then turn around and start in on the raspberries.
ENJOY THE SEASONS AND ALL THEY HAVE TO OFFER. that is all i wanted to say today, my rant here is done.

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