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You asked for our advice, you got it, you didn't respond

TrishUntrapped | Mar 29, 201208:37 PM

Dear OP,

I was reading through your old post tonight wherein you asked for recommendations for the best, most delicious food in (fill in the blank: city, county, state, country).

Many a Chowhound, including myself, offered up our favorites, specifically for you, keeping in mind the area, pricepoint, dishes, etc... you requested. In fact, even though your thread is now a little old in the tooth, new posters are still offering up some great ideas - just for you.

And how did you respond?

You never thanked us, or told us if you ever went on that trip, or if you ate any of those delicious things.

It would be so nice and helpful for others to get some feedback from you.

We care.

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