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Asian Food Question - (Perhaps asian snack)


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Asian Food Question - (Perhaps asian snack)

HelloTiffy | Dec 27, 2007 10:38 AM

My mother used to get these bags of ginger snacks from chinatown, they were kind of like crystallized ginger snacks, but they don't look like any ginger snacks I see these days on websites for asian foods. They were dark reddish brown tiny strips and they kind of resembled little brown worms with crystallized sugar, I guess, for the lack of a better description. I see crystallized ginger online but its always whitish or yellowish and they are just not the same. In any event, I am not even sure the ginger was meant to be a snack but that is how my mom ate it and it would take a good while to finish the bag. Heck it may have taken years, only a little nibble every other day or so. It was really good though! I would love to buy some to remember the taste but I have gone on asian snack sites and can not find it. Any ideas?

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