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Asheville reviews - Table,Fig,Sunny Point (long)


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Asheville reviews - Table,Fig,Sunny Point (long)

danna | Jan 13, 2006 09:03 AM

Table - just made it under the wire for lunch. The wine list was interesting. My risotto was pretty good, winter squash and ham. Too thick , but I have given up on getting proper risotto in 99% of restaurants. Husband did not like his sandwich. This has been a few weeks ago, so I have forgotton what the issue was. His fries were so-so. All in all, I would give it anouther try, but nothing about it made me in a big hurry to try again. Plenty of other places in Asheville.

Fig - This was our first dinner at Fig, had been to lunch once before. I love the atmosphere of the place, the windows and the lighting. I like having the choice of 1/2 glass of wine. With no reservations on Saturday night around 6, we were seated at the bar. As I expected, tables for 2 went unused from the time we came until we left. Since I was at the bar, I felt free to order 2 appetizers which more suited my appetite. The duck salad was fantastic. A layer of duck confit, a layer of chevre, diced red and yellow roasted beets, frisee and parsley, mustard vinaigrette. I loved it. Half glass of pinot noir. I follwed this up with steamed mussles in chipotle broth. The mussles were fresh, (thankfully, after the Bouchon experience) the broth was fine, not special. 1/2 glass sauvignon blanc.

Husband got a ceasar follwed by the scallops on lemon-lime risotto. Scallops were perfectly cooked (slightly transparent in the middle still), risotto was nicely al dente (although still not runny enough) and the lemon-lime flavor was pronounced. I loved this dish. I think this restaurant is a great choice.

Here's the weird thing: husband was not happy at all. He finds the restaurant pretentious and over priced. I'm ranting about the romantic atmosphere and he's going "it's a strip center". I'm loving his scallops and he's ticked about 3 scallops for $26. (Ok, he got 2 scallops, I got one of them) I think their refusal to make him a rare burger, which was his first choice from the menu, and one VERY popular I noticed since we could watch the kitchen from our seats at the bar, doomed his attitude toward the whole dinner. I have to admit, I'm sick of the attitude you get when you ask if they will cook one rare. I don't need that "you must be an idiot" tone when they say it's a law here in NC.

Anyhow, I'm guessing we won't be back there too soon, but the rest of you should enjoy!

Sunny Point - this was our first dinner at Sunny Point since they began serving in the evening. I had a braised lamb shank that was interesting. It had a nice flavor...I like strong flavored, dare i say gamey meat. I think this was closer to mutton than lamb. But after the first few bites,(as I suppose the dish cooled a bit) I started to notice a layer of fat forming on the starch (?) surrounding the shank. The sauce was SO greasy. I ate less than half, and still had some stomach discomfort later.

Husband had chicken pot pie which was a goopey, buttery concoction topped w/ butter pastry. If it had been an hor d'ouerve portion, it would have been delicious. But you just can't eat that much butter fat for an entire entree.

Our sushi roll starter and salads were very good. The wine list was decent and not too expensive. Bottom line: if I go back to Sunny Point at night, I will order the breakfast creations which are fortunately still on on the dinner menu. Sunny Point makes GREAT breakfast foods...they just aren't quite up to speed on their dinner attempts.

BTW, we had lunch there last week, I'm unhappy about the table service. I want to get my own coffee and tea, thank you, and order at the counter. I think a casual place looses some of it's casual vibe when you go to table service.

Thanks for reading!

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